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Sales Operating System ( SalesOS) -Orchestrate your Sales Architecture to make sales Flow

How to Make Sales flow

A framework that Structures the sales processes matching the right value ( messaging & Contents) to the right people for each step of the journey, with relational databases that connect the right content to the right context

Overall you will Improve conversion/win rate, effectiveness and the Sales Velocity. You will be able

  • To Be Relevant and validate Messaging & Contents and so be ready to focus and scale on the most potential
  • to fill gaps ,streamline and fine-tune the Process with the Actions and Contents (to build &/or re-purpose messaging and contents )
  • From Random actions ( that get random results) to the compound effect of a process : From Spray & pray Occasional spikes to Programatic constance laser focussed

Why a SalesOS for your business? Achieve Clarity to Focus on what is essential to make Sales Flow

What is an SalesOS ? An integrated Command Center where Strategy meets Execution , connecting the commercial facets of your business

How ? with an actionable Process to structure what is needed to win each customer .

We will build a Sales engine to programmatically Target, Attract and Convert a critical mass of prospects interested in your propositions

The project is designed to fast track the initial setup to be ready for results in 5 weeks ,

After that, there is a recommended path to build momentum with Content and Automations for a total of 3 months

1st Phase - Agile Sales MVP Minimum Viable Process

The goal is to build an actionable process to structure what it takes to win at each customer segment; the Minimum Viable Sales Process to get your Go to Market Strategy ready for sales in 5 weeks.

The work methodology is an Agile Learn by Doing; In-person live 2h sessions to learn and work on the real sales model and situation that gets reviewed and improve in the next session. The program is 10h/ month with 8h in person practice and 2h support and consulting

Project Management

  1. Week 1-KickOff ; Global Assessment & OKR->Scope &
  2. Sprint #1; Who & Why your customers Care - What drives them, How to find them & outreach to them ( Stakeholder- Signals -Sources) -> What you get ; Hyper Relevant Messaging for each customer based on their Context & Buying Signals / Drivers
  3. Sprint #2 What- Propositions ; What is Special about your proposition for EACH Stakeholder → What you get; your POD ( Product- Opportunity - Drive ) with Your Angle for each
  4. Sprint # 3 Content for Sales ; Containers of your Value ->What you get ; The content engine framework to Create, Distribute and Re-purpose ultra-relevant content types that best fit the stage , goal , type of content and channel
  5. Spring # 4 Wrap up- Match your Value to their Buying Signals with Relationship Flows . How to move them along the journey. > Steps -Actions -Contents ( SAC ).->What you get ; Conversion Flows with the Steps to move each Segment to the next step, associated with the Messages and the Content that match their interest

Why what you get is Special

The system allows you to gain your customer's attention by being relevant; Craft the compelling reasons that #1st works and then scale

Gradual compounding on the work . Every step is designed to help you get more out of the system

Interconnect and re-purpose modular content to multiply unique conversion flows at scale

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We will work in weekly sprints to get your Go to Market Strategy ready for Sales in 5 weeks

An actionable Go To Market Strategy to Focus & Prioritize
The Sales Operating System , an integrated command center with the blueprints for Growth
The Clonable Templates that connects the commercial facets of the business
The in-Person sessions to guide you & your team through the process
The Learning Resources
In Person Support, Assesment and Project Management
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€2,000 a month

Sales Operating System ( SalesOS) -Orchestrate your Sales Architecture to make sales Flow

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