Notion B2B Sales Foundation Pack ( actionable CRM)

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Notion B2B Sales Foundation Pack ( actionable CRM)

Jorge Araluce
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Looking to get the most out of Notion for B2B Selling ?

Manage your Customer Segmentation by Buying Signals: Drivers, Problems, Impact and use cases

This pack contains the essential building blocks to design and execute a successful Social Selling strategy : helps to identify and target the right potential clients or customers and be more effectively conveying value that is relevant to them

  • WHAT/ Your Products : Descriptions, Visuals..
  • WHO/ Your Target Buyer Personas /Segmentation
  • WHY/ Why the care , Drivers, Problems, Impact ..

Everything connected to build up the relationships with existing and new customers with dynamic personalization elements like Linkedin activity ( likes, comments etc..)

Generate detailed customer personas to use in Sales & Marketing strategies, Communications and Messaging , based in their context of Interest and segments

Enablement Embeded : Learning Resources for each module and Content guide to build your own Sales Operating System


# NotionAI dynamic prompts !

Now updated with new formulas to generate contextual Prompts for NotionAI or ChatGPT to write copy with the product, customer and deal context in "mind" 😉

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