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SalesOS Statup Sales Engine BuildUp in 5 week


5 week program -In person 2 hour life sessions: Guided program to get your Selling Process up & running 

You will get a personal fit to adapt the process to the best way of selling for your business 

Why an SalesOS for your business? To Achieve Clarity to Focus on what is essential .

What is a SalesOS ? An integrated Command Center where Strategy meets Execution , connecting all commercial facets of the business

How ? with an actionable Process to structure what is needed to win Sales and make them Flow

We will build a Sales engine to programmatically Target, Attract and Convert a critical mass of prospects interested in your propositions

The project is designed to fast track the initial setup to be Ready for Sales in 5 weeks

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I personally make sure you succeed when you join this program

An actionable Go To Market Strategy to Focus & Prioritize
The Sales Operating System , an integrated command center with the blueprints for Growth
The Clonable Templates that connects the commercial facets of the business
The Learning Resources
5 in-Person sessions to guide you through each step of the process
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SalesOS Statup Sales Engine BuildUp in 5 week

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